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"Working with Yesi is always a great experience and a blessing. She's someone who brings something new and exciting to whatever project she is working on. She is genuine, hilarious and cares about not only her work but yours as well. I honestly look forward to working with her every time. Hire her! You won't regret it!"

– Orion McKinley, Photographer, Filmmaker

"Yesi is pure pleasure to work with. She explodes on camera and fills every frame she’s in with her amazing presence. She is a gifted actor who immediately assumes her character’s identity and makes it uniquely her own. One of a kind.”

– Michael M Berg, Director, DP

"Yesi’s radiance and magnetism are matched only by her steadfast reliability and generosity. As an actor, Yesi presents the captivating dichotomy of a naturally camera-ready chameleon with an unflinching sense of integrity, authenticity, and infectious vitality. Her versatility is an honor to witness and a privilege to create beside."

– Tori V Bennett, Writer, Producer


"Yesi is a phenomenal actress and singer whose onscreen presence is captivating and alluring. A multi-talented artist with the brains, beauty, creativity, and vocal ability of a superstar, she has my highest recommendation for your next film, musical, or modeling project."

– Chris Phillips, Musician, Composer

"From the first few minutes working with Yesi, you quickly realize that it’s time to elevate your game. She performs with extreme focus and is very knowledgeable of her craft. I look forward to sharing the stage with Yesi again on future film projects."

Trevor E Dickerson, Actor, Stunt Professional

"Yesi is a talented award winning actress who comes to set prepared and always puts the project first. She takes both her craft and her film projects very serious."

– Larry Rosen, Director, Producer

"Yesi is incredibly talented and made my job all the easier. Working with someone that truly dives into the role makes it almost effortless to act with her. Aside from all that she is also a wonderful person, genuine, and sweet. She brought out the best in me as a scene partner."

– Paul Vito Larrucia, Actor

"The kid is so beautiful but what she brings to the table is ridiculous, great actor, in TWO languages, a great sense of humor and all wrapped around a filmmaker's brain."

– Eric J Carlson, Actor, Director

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