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about Yesi Rodriguez

yesi rodriguez is a cuban/peruvian american-born latin woman who has dedicated her life to pursuing a career in entertainment. she has faced much adversity throughout her life but her dream since childhood has been to sing and perform. while she continues to search for her next opportunity, she values her loved ones, learning and expanding her skillsets, and learning how to love and accept herself more each day.


yesi loves musicals and has been told she sounds like a disney princess many times; a compliment she is too excited to share here. her celebrity look-a-likes are too many to count with the most notable being alyssa milano and nina dobrev while brunette and shakira while blonde. yesi loves watching anime and her favorite one is darling in the franxx. yesi's favorite colors are red, blue, and pink. she loves practicing yoga, lifting weights, and playing basketball. yesi loves spending time in nature, climbing trees, and going under water in pure mermaid fashion, hair flip upon surfacing included. yesi has recently discovered a love for kayaking, a rare situation where she prefers to remain above water. her favorite animal is a fox, kurama is her favorite anime fox. her favorite skillset is maintaining her childlike wonder and goofy personality.

yesi is a knicks fan, yet another source of adversity, albeit, an elected one.  


in 2021 yesi rodriguez was named the maxim cover girl runner up. she was the first runner up to be awarded a four page spread inside the magazine. prior to this accomplishment, yesi rodriguez had been featured on magazine covers, nyfw, the today show, and billboards on times square.

yesi rodriguez has won acting, writing, and production awards in the independent film circuit for her many works. yesi rodriguez has acted alongside machete star danny trejo and american crime star elvis nolasco in the dominican film mango bajito. she can also be seen on the indian-american show metro park streaming on eros now. 

yesi rodriguez won her first music award in january of 2022, when independent music award show musivv awarded her the music + artist of the year award. she released her first singles in 2014 and revamped her sound and released two more singles and a music video in 2021. olvidate de mi was named outstanding music video in the 2023 nj web festival competition

yesi rodriguez graduated summa cum laude in 2021 from rutgers university and was awarded the theatre excellence award . her school trajectory was long and unconventional but as a first generation graduate and a first generation american, it is one that she is very proud of.

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